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CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension

Good quality Boldenone Steroid for sales
Good quality Boldenone Steroid for sales
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CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension

China CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension supplier
CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension supplier CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FOB
Certification: ISO9001,GMP
Model Number: 58-22-0

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50ml
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Discreet and exquisite packing methods to guarantee 100% custom pass rate
Delivery Time: within 3-7 workdays after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: sufficient stock
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Testosterone Suspension Alias: Test Suspension
CAS :: 58-22-0 Concentration: 200mg/ml 100mg/ml 50mg/ml
Solvents: Benzyl Alcohol & Benzyl Benzoate Affective Chemical: Test Base
Carrier: PS80, Distilled Water

Testosterone Suspension 200mg/ml 100mg/ml 50mg/ml For Bodybuilding Safe Delivery

Test Suspension 50mg/ml Water Based
50mg/ml - 10ml
0.5g Test Base (0.4465ml)
0.2ml BA (2%)
1ml BB (10%)
0.3ml ps80 (3%)
8.0535ml distilled water
Affective chemical: test base (no ester).
Solvents: benzyl alcohol & benzyl benzoate
Carrier: PS80, Distilled water

CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension

CAS 58-22-0 Testosterone Steroid Hormone For Bodybuilding / Testosterone Suspension


Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone-Suspension is the most powerful testosterone form we have at our disposal, and it's not because its testosterone is special. Unlike other testosterone forms, such as Testosterone-Enanthate or Testosterone-Propionate, Testosterone-Suspension has no ester attached, and this means every last milligram of every injection is that of pure testosterone. Of course, as there is no ester attached this means its active duration is remarkably short lived, but it also means its initial activity is almost instantaneous. On its surface, you might think a lot of performance enhancers supplement with Testosterone-Suspension, but this isn't the case. First and foremost, to supplement with this testosterone form, we must inject at a minimum once every day, with twice daily injections often being warranted. Further, due to its nature, largely because of the nature of its suspension Testosterone-Suspension injections can be very painful; this is not the case with any other testosterone form. In any case, the only performance enhancers who will supplement with this form are in most cases far advanced in anabolic steroid supplementation, or as we'll see in one instance, performance athletes looking to beat a drug test.

Testosterone-Suspension - The Basics:

Of all testosterone forms, Testosterone-Suspension is the purest simply because it lacks an ester in the compound. This does not mean other forms are not pure, it simply means the total suspension compound is comprised of only testosterone. In short, this is largely what defines Testosterone-Suspension, and like all testosterone forms its direct mode of action is the same. At any rate, as you may have guessed, it doesn't take much testosterone in the Suspension form to yield a positive result.
At any rate, as there is no ester attached, Testosterone-Suspension does not carry a traditional half-life in an esterified sense; it can't as there is no ester. Nevertheless, it does possess a total activity time, giving it a half-life of slightly less than 24 hours. This is a very short lived half-life; the only common testosterone form that carries a shorter half-life is Testosterone-Propionate carrying a half-life of approximately 3.5 days. Beyond these factors; its ester free nature and unusually short half-life, the one thing that truly separates Testosterone-Suspension from other testosterone compounds is the manner by-which it exist. Most all testosterone forms are suspended in oil, where Testosterone-Suspension is suspended in water.
Like all testosterone forms, once in the body Testosterone-Suspension performs just as you may have already guessed; like testosterone. Every trait shared by all testosterone forms is shared by Suspension; however, many performance enhancers do report more water retention with this form. This really isn't all that surprising, for as there's more active testosterone in-which to pull from on a per milligram basis there's more to aromatize.

In any case, by its direct mode of action, Testosterone-Suspension will provide the following:
Increased Nitrogen Retention
Increased Protein Synthesis
Increased Red Blood Cell Count
Increased IGF-1 Production
Decreased Glucocorticoid Production
It's not too hard to see why these are highly welcomed traits, as they translate into almost anything and everything a performance enhancing athlete could be after. Through its traits, Testosterone-Suspension can provide buildups in strength and lean tissue, increase recovery times and improve stamina and endurance and of course, reduce body-fat by enhancing ones total metabolic rate.


Because Testosterone-Suspension is such a rapidly fast acting anabolic steroid, as eluded to early on administration must necessarily be on a daily basis; failure to follow this protocol will result in up and down testosterone levels. Part of successful performance enhancement is always maintaining peak levels of the hormones you're supplementing with, and in this case, again it means daily injections. Of course, as it's such a rapid testosterone form, some will notice stability is greater with twice daily injections; Further, because the injections can be so painful, many will split the dose into two smaller equal doses in-order to keep each total injection small and more manageable.
Regarding the pain of Suspension injections, many find placing oil base anabolic steroids in the same syringe to ease the pain, while others find adding in injectable B-12 to do the trick. Both methods can help, but your own individual sensitivity will determine the extent of the pain. Some people cannot supplement with Testosterone-Suspension because the injections are simply unbearable, while others find the injection provides a slight sting and nothing more. In any case, one thing that must be addressed is the sterile nature of the compound. As this is a water base solution, it is extremely easy for bacteria to survive in the compound, and this can lead to more uncomfortable injections than necessary. For this reason, we must be extraordinarily careful regarding where we obtain our suspension, and we must ensure it is clean and bacteria free.

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